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Monday, March 03, 2008
$3.8 billion down the DRTN?

The latest in Ottawa's string on transit plans is the Downtown Rapid Transit Network (DRTN). If you read their strawman options, it's pretty clear they want you to choose the $3.8 billion tunnel with LRT option 4, unless you believe in option 1's "articulated bus every 14 seconds" which seems, shall we say, somewhat improbable.

Honestly, just call the train a tram, which is more accurate, and build the fucking thing. Everyone's all "billions of dollars blah blah blah". We're the capital of a rich country, this is ridiculous.

So far we can't build:
* a new central library
* a new central concert hall
* a new tram-based rapid transit system

Jesus Christ, if they can have buses AND trains AND a subway in Copenhagen, population 500,000

You would think Canada, one of the richest countries in the world, could manage to build a little fucking TUNNEL.

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