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Thursday, October 25, 2007
yesterday's final tally, and San Diego 2007 and 2003

So more like 80-fold increase in hits over normal.

In case you're wondering, they're all doing this MSN/Live search, and picking the third image, a 2003 NASA satellite view of the fires, which (in the search results) points to the image link in the old Dal version of this blog.

Here's a link to the 2007 equivalent, maybe it will get me hits when there's a fire again in 2011.

[2007 california wildfires]


I don't think I ever wrote up my pithy statements on arriving in San Diego when it was on fire in 2003, so here you go:

We were delayed in Denver due to the fires. As we were finally flying in, there was a line of fire across the mountains. There was a smoke plume we flew into, I assumed we were going to fly out of it, but we never did, we just descended into smoke. You could smell the smoke in the plane in flight, which was kind of freaky. When we landed, I could see ash blowing around on the tarmac. When we stepped outside the airport, instead of the clear blue San Diego sunshine, the sky was grey and the sun literally was a red orb in the sky. It was like arriving in Mordor. My mother described it as "like being inside of an ashtray". We were staying at a lovely resort, but the roses were all covered with ash, and the swimming pool had a floating layer of ash covering its surface.

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