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Monday, May 30, 2011
Centretown planning links

Trying to untangle the layers of Centretown planning requires obsessive trail-following and link-collecting. Here's what I've found.

Mid-Centretown Community Design Plan

See Centretown Design Plan - feedback by June 13 for info on the draft report.

The Escarpment Area District Plan

Downtown Ottawa Mobility Overlay (DOMO)

The Downtown Ottawa Mobility Overlay ("DOMO") will be much more important in
determining the street-level life - the community design plan can feed
recommendations into it but it will be DOMO that sets the final transportation
plan. The community design plan is recommending fixing the high-speed downtown
arterials (Metcalfe, O'Connor, Kent, Lyon) by making them two-way and other
traffic calming - this would be awesome but will be a big fight.

(ignore the 2010 part on the above page, the study starts fall 2011)

Ottawa East-West Light Rail

Understand the LRT as a commuter rail system (like the RER in Paris), not as a
subway or a tram system. It will benefit commuters but will have very little
impact on the downtown transit experience (in some ways Transitway access will
be worse, as it is six escalators down from the surface to get to e.g. the
Rideau platform).

This is the latest info on the LRT plan

"City of Ottawa Light Rail Transit System - May 2011"

Cycle Friendly Ottawa

The "Cycle Friendly City" motion says "Ottawa implements policies that favour
walking, cycling and public transit over the use of private motor vehicles".

City of Ottawa policy on walking

Pedestrian consultation

Diane Holmes is doing some sort of event in June about making Centretown more pedestrian-friendly but there's nothing up on her website yet

Here's the article she wrote
Centretown Buzz - Planning to put pedestrians first
and here's her office contact info

UPDATE 2011-11-01: There is an Ottawa Pedestrian Plan, marked draft 2009.
Also Diane Holmes' event will be November 8, 2011.  ENDUPDATE

Ottawa Cycling Plan

There's a fully-approved Ottawa Cycling plan, most of which hasn't been

Laurier Segregated Bike Lane

The Laurier dedicated cycling lane is at least proceeding with a two-year

How do you find out about planning?

I don't know how a Centretown citizen would be expected to pull all this
info together.

Whatever the NCC is doing

The NCC is also doing a bunch of other stuff but trying to untangle it would
make my head explode.
There's this Choosing Our Future thing that is some kind of input into some
Horizon 2067 thing and some cycling thing and aieeeeeeeeeeeee

Horizon 2067

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