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Sunday, June 13, 2010
parsing the media

Big Important stories, according to the media:

* The BP Gulf oil gusher
* The Exxon Valdez oil flood

NOT big important stories, according to the media

* the 11 people who died in the initial BP explosion
* any other oil gushers and floods
* any other pollution in the ocean, like the giant maelstrom of plastic swirling around
* the fact we've scraped / scooped / mined the oceans bare of fish anyway
* the destruction of coral reefs
* any land pollution
* the oil-intensive economy
* the carbon-intensive economy
* Bush-era regulatory failings
* corporate malfeasance on epic scales
* clean energy
* energy efficiency
* reduced consumption
* the War in Iraq
* the War in Afghanistan

I can't decide if this means our media is stupid, our people are stupid, or both.