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Tuesday, May 25, 2010
The Incident and The End

SPOILERS but whatever

It's worth rewatching The Incident (season 5 finale) after seeing season 6. It really is a good bookend with The End. (There are structures, language and incidents that fit really well from The Incident to The End.) Although I think actually you could argue quite convincingly that The Incident actually is a better end than The End.

That being said, it's clear in The Incident (which I hadn't seen before) that they are setting up an alternate timeline where the plane never crashes... so it's not all that surprising that people assumed sideways-2004 was exactly that. Which means basically the entire structure of sideways-2004 in season 6 was deliberately misleading. (I had assumed sideways-2004 was hinted, not explicitly described in season 5.)

So I can see people being mad when they go in the last few minutes "you know this thing that we constructed in season 5 and gave every indication of resulting in season 6? yeah, that was a long con".

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