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Wednesday, February 11, 2009
trying to take the 12

UPDATE 2009-02-16: It's possible that the route for the #12 now starts at Kent & Queen (the sign at Kent & Slater is down). ENDUPDATE

UPDATE 2009-02-27: I can confirm that the route for the #12 now definitely starts at Kent & Queen, and the signs have been changed to reflect this. ENDUPDATE

I encountered a couple issues on my first day of trying to take the #12 bus from its first stop (the start of the route) on Kent Street near Slater.

1. Because it's the start of the route, the bus goes from idle (at the stop with hazard lights on) to driving away

- so I missed the first bus because I thought i had time to get it to it, but it drove away just as I was pulling even with it

2. Because Kent is busy during the morning rush hour, AND because there's still construction at 180 Kent across the street (meaning today there was a truck parked on the east side of the street), it's difficult for the bus to pull in, particularly a long bus like the #12.

- what happened to me is there was a #9 bus at the stop, and a long bus came (showing "out of service", as I assume they all do before they start their route) - there was no way for the long #12 bus to pull in - it drove away - I think (I'm not sure) it looped around, as a long bus arrived around the corner a few minutes later

3. Because it's the start of the route, as mentioned above, all the buses show "Out of Service" when they're coming up to the stop, so you can't tell if your bus is coming, or which one is which (I actually started to get on what turned out to be the #9 - I'm glad I asked the driver).

It's unfortunate because it's a really convenient location for me - I'm debating whether in future I should try to get the bus at its next stop, rather than waiting at Kent and Slater.

Embedded Google Map:

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Screenshot of transit info:


NOTE: Google Transit has a jumble of info left over from the Bank Street diversion - the stop indicated only has the #9 and the #12 (and maybe the #51 if it still exists) - the 1, 2, 4 and 7 all run along Bank again.

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