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Tuesday, June 03, 2008
Galactica 4x06

I told you they were just basestars.

So Deanna (3) is going to tell them about the Final Five... who are going to give you the home of the 13th.

Direct transcription:

Thus will it come to pass.

A dying leader will know the truth of the Opera House.

The missing 3 will give you the 5
who have come from the home of the 13th.

You are the harbinger of death Kara Thrace.
You will lead them all to their end.


We are to assume that it's the President who is going to know the truth,
but it could be anyone in a leadership position.

UPDATE: Also I don't see why "the missing 3" couldn't be either of
- the three "secret Galactica Cylons" who aren't in attendance: Galen, Tigh and President's Aide girl
- the three warring Cylons: Cavil, Simon and Aaron

Now, the home of the 13th.
12 tribes.
12 Cylon models.

Presumably the easy interpretation, as provided by Six, is "home of the 13th" = Earth.

A rather improbable alternative is it is the home base / home planet of the 13th Cylon, the Cylon Creator, the Architect.

Most likely scenario is as described in my April 28, 2008 posting on Zak Adama is a Cylon

The more perfect union theory is something like: the first five Cylons have a plan to rebuild an integrated, peaceful society from the ashes of the split societies, unifying man and machine. They possibly went ahead to Earth, just in the last 50 years or so, stopping at the Temple of Jupiter along the way to rejigger it to reveal the Final Five, taking advantage of the existing mythology.

Zak Adama is a Cylon - who is the puppet master?

The only added element is that possibly they are all already dead, and in purgatory, making their way to Earth / Heaven / Judgment Day.

Kara is in this scenario leading them to their end, to their final judgment.
What comes after the end? The afterlife.

This is the idea that when people die suddenly and unexpectedly, they don't quite know they're dead, they continue playing out their lives until they resolve major issues and realise they're actually already gone.

Purgatory has been popular lately, being both a first-season scenario for Lost, and a scenario for Life on Mars.

Most likely however is that the 13th tribe Earth is, as mentioned before, "one big happy Cylon-Human-Jebus holy trinity" and Kara is leading the human race to its end as a unique, dominant species.

Zak Adama as a Cylon awaiting Starbuck on Earth/Afterlife fits in perfectly with either scenario.

As a sidebar, with the Boomers marching their way to Death's Door, almost ALL television is about death now, whether it's fantasies of being rescued from any possible disease (House) or fantasies of justice after death (CSI).

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