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Saturday, May 03, 2008
Galactica 4x05

About what I expected. There's only so long the Demetrius storyline can be drawn out.

It's all going to end in one big happy Cylon-Human-Jebus holy trinity.

I knew they were going to start bringing in the Hybrid angle even more.
The Hybrids are God's Prophets. It's possible they've been the ones running the entire show.

I think the artists have done a good job driving the screencap people crazy.
I'm sure there will be lots more from this ep.

Anyway, I don't buy this "Kara's painting Ships of Light" thing.
I think they're supposed to be three stylized stars. Unless what she thought were stars were actually three ships. I saw three ships come sailing in...

At most they look like white Basestars.
Maybe the Good Cylons drive white Basestars?

PS Zak Adama is a Cylon

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