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Wednesday, April 23, 2008
Hillary Clinton will destroy the Democrats for a generation

Selfish much?

Hillary, I know you read the polls.

In what universe do you imagine that's a sustainable strategy for the Democratic party?
If you win, and November is the 71-year-old white man and you, the 60-year-old white woman, slinging dirt, you will turn away young voters in droves. You may turn an ENTIRE GENERATION OF VOTERS away, permanently.

Let's hear from your supporters

John Peterman, 85, a former Navy engineer, said he supported Mrs. Clinton because “the world is not ready for a black president.” His wife, Mary, 81, agreed with him.

New York Times - In Clinton vs. Obama, Age Is One of the Greatest Predictors

Yeah, there's the future of America, crusty old people WHO MAY NOT EVEN BE ALIVE IN NOVEMBER. A bunch of old boomer women who think a woman running something is a Big Deal. Everyone under the age of 40 has worked with and for women. It's 2008 people, women won that victory decades ago. Join the 21st freaking century.

I know politics is about ego, but jesus, step back and look at the big picture.
Obama runs and the youth vote belongs to the democrats for the next decade,
or you run, and young people stop voting for democrats at all.

And now that she's "won" Penn. by yet another margin so small as too be meaningless, with Obama STILL AHEAD IN DELEGATES, we're going to have to listen to her stupid, petty little campaign for months more.

Hey Hillary, I have a slogan for you:

Vote Hillary, Because Old White People Have Done Such A Great Job Of Running Things

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