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Sunday, April 06, 2008
BSG 4x1

Oh dear.
Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

Some human-cylon one-god-pantheism-polytheism Lords of Kobol stuff lies in our future, methinks.

When is Dr. Zee going to show up, that's what I want to know
(unless Hera is Dr. Zee)

You can see some info both Reimagined religion

Oracular musings on Battlestar - March 13, 2007

and freaky god-beings, rockin' it old style
(hmm, I thought I had written about this, will have to search some more, but in the meantime)

The canonical set of classic Galactica glowy god-being episodes is

Galactica 1978 - 15 & 16 - War of the Gods

Galactica 1980 - 1x10 - The Return of Starbuck (the final episode of the old series)

Interesting geek sidebar: Buck Rogers also had glowy time lord guardians of forever people and a box full of Time. (Which I also thought I had written about, but I also can't find.)

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