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Tuesday, March 13, 2007
Oracular musings on Battlestar

Don't read this if you don't want to hear my super genius theories about what's going on.

================ WARNING, SECRET BATTLESTAR THEORIZING =================

Ok so here's my theory, which is mine:

Thousands of years ago, a monotheistic splinter group formed within Colonial civilization. One branch left for Earth, leaving One God techno-oracular gewgaws behind in their path. Another stayed behind, deep within the Greek polytheistic oracular system. Eventually, when the Cylons were being designed, they saw their Final Opportunity to cleanse the Colonies of the polytheistic perversion. Cue Cylon nukes followed by sermonizing Cylons. Cue the Chief's parents, a priest and oracle who are key members of the secret monotheistic Illuminati, and cue their lovable robot boy, Galen Tyrol. How ironical that a hybrid baby is beloved of feisty Callie, whose hatred of Cylons is stoked every day that she sees Number Eight version "Athena", identical to Boomer who was the Chief's lover, Adama's attempted assassin, and Callie's murder victim.

Why did the Chief keep having recurring dreams indicating an underlying worry he is a Cylon?

Because he is a Cylon.

Why was the Chief mysteriously drawn to the secret Temple of Jupiter, hmm, Jupiter, lord amongst gods, head god, almost a sort of One God?

Because he was designed to be.