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Saturday, March 22, 2008
urban planning lessons for Ottawa from Copenhangen

The Citizen had a front-page article today

The Strøget Solution

with a two-page spread inside.

Also on the two pager was a sidebar

Commit to a making a nice city, and suddenly people will come

Both articles are very good.
I liked this para concluding the second one

In Ottawa, condos are sprouting up as the answer to creating higher density in the inner city. "I think they're quite awful," Mr. Gehl says. "You can have much higher densities in lower buildings than people realize. The lazy solution is to make towers."

I have a Flickr collection of photos I took when I was in Denmark

Copenhagen 2005

Unfortunately you can't get a slideshow of the whole collection, you'll have to go into each of the sets one-by-one.

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