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Monday, March 03, 2008
sarah con 8-9 finale

Honestly I don't know what to think, I'm not even sure I entirely follow what is going on.

Girl with bloody shirt??
Mech Turk extortion?
fiber optic traffic system?
14 terabyte video output?
shower inspections?
rejected virus?

what tha?

It's the same as always, a bunch of themes and plot lines that don't gel.
Bursts of very lofty language and very arty work (swimming pool apocalyse) and the rest just not, quite, there

I don't get it.

Like ok, from our perspective they're terrorists, but they're good terrorists.
So there's that angle.

Or there are lots of other angles.

But they never seem to quite pick one.

Plus which, lose the Revelations talk.

And trust me: never, ever plug your robot's brain into a control system. Have you people not watched TNG?

UPDATE 2008-03-04: Plus which, if you're looking for something that would fit in a backpack, and there's a backpack sitting on the table... you might want to look in the backpack.

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