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Tuesday, February 26, 2008
slowpid transit

Another opportunity... that Ottawa will surely miss.

Budget 2008 sets aside up to $500 million in 2007–08 to be paid into a
third-party trust, allocated on a provincial-territorial per capita basis, for
public transit infrastructure. Funding will be paid into the trust, once
legislation has been passed, for only those beneficiaries that have made
public commitments before March 31, 2008
to undertake investments
in public transit. The beneficiaries of the trust will have the flexibility to
draw down the funding as they require over the next two years. They are
encouraged to report publicly on the expenditures financed and
outcomes achieved.

Emphasis mine. The trust will be used for specific projects of capital infrastructure such as
rapid transit, rail, transit buses, and high occupancy vehicle and bicycle lanes.

If only they could have used some of their endless planning sessions and reports to come up with, you know, an actual credible plan that the Fed and Prov government would believe in enough to fund.

It's going to be buses for us forever :( Nitwits.

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