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Saturday, February 09, 2008
dear Internet: please sell me stuff

This is my Internet purchasing process.
1. Spend hours researching the ideal product
2. Locate description of perfect product
3. Discover it is impossible to purchase in Canada

Case in point: I want a "6-can" (this is a size measurement, it's not for cans), collapsible, travel cooler.

California Innovations (a Canadian company, apparently) makes one

[CA Inno 6 can]

Columbia resells it as the "Short Haulâ„¢ Thermal Pack Collapsible Personal Size"

[Columbia 6 can]

There's a freaking essay extolling its virtues: A Cooler Cooler.

But can you buy this, anywhere? Nope. No sir. 9 cans? Maybe. 12 cans, no problem, Canadian Tire will sell you one, 18, 24... 40 can coolers with bloody wheels on them... no problem. But 6. Nope.

This would be fine.. well, fineish anyway, except this happens to me every single time I try to buy something online.

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