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Wednesday, January 16, 2008
stop the political horserace shit

Dear media "political" "reporters":

Stop this endless horserace coverage.
It is lazy, stupid, shit.

And stop using polls, they are total shit too.

No one but Washington insiders cares how something some candidate does will "play" with some microsegment of the electorate.

There are only two things to talk about:
1. What did they DO before
2. What do they say they will DO

That's it. There is only policy. Past policy. Future policy.

It's no wonder no one in the US follows politics, it's like two years of someone reporting on who's going to be homecoming queen. I don't care how fucking "popular" they are this hour in this place with this group. IT DOESN'T MATTER. If you're not going to report on policy, SHUT UP.

Disappointingly, even the Globe is in on the act, filling page after page with "analysis" of pantsuits and tears and (I am not making this up) "the nature of charisma".

Dear members of the press: I know policy is all hard with having to think about complicated thoughts and all, but if all you wanted to do was spend the rest of your life WORKING ON FUCKING YEARBOOK then maybe you should stop making the rest of us endure it. You're hurting democracy.

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