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Tuesday, November 13, 2007
no (Bank) Street for you

In case you're wondering why Bank and Somerset are still blocked off, Centretown News reports (unfortunately not easily linkable):
Sidewalks and streets around the intersection of Bank and Somerset streets will remain closed indefinitely after the owner of the former Duke of Somerset pub failed to fully meet a city-imposed deadline of Nov. 2 to provide proof that the building had been stabilized and it is safe for construction work to resume.

I think it's awesome actually - instant pedestrian zone with heavy police presence. Best thing that ever happened to the intersection.

I seriously think it may be saving Basmati. You would think that having that bus stop right in front would be great for business, but I actually think it's a restaurant killer. Last time I went to Basmati it was packed. It's great to have it there particularly since Korma Korma closed.