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Monday, October 08, 2007
coffee. Ottawa.

To me shop local means supporting local stores, particularly ones that aren't mega-chains. I therefore don't understand why there isn't anyone at Casper & Gambini, they did a great job on the interior, it's one of the few places with outdoor tables, there's free wifi and the coffee is cheap.

[DSC00743] 346 Somerset Street West, near Bank Street

I'm sure there are ways it could be better, but you know, just tell the guy/girl if there's stuff you want changed. The guy should definitely put a board up at the corner of Bank and Somerset, so that people know he's just down the street. It's hard to pull traffic off of Bank.

I'm not even a coffee person, but it's better than having some freaking dollar store there.

It doesn't seem to be listed in many of the Ottawa food review places, I did find

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