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Tuesday, April 17, 2007
the new improved CBC Radio 2... sucks

I have been listening to Radio 2 since university, something like 1987 or so.
Disk Drive would help me through the tail end of the afternoon, then I would often fall asleep during the 6 PM news.

So now they have "fixed" it.
Now there's no news whatsoever.
Um, I like the news. If something happens, it's nice for the radio to tell me.
Plus which, at 6:30 there should be some upbeat music to sustain you as you return home and get into an evening of work or whatever.

Instead, there's some f-cking jazz thing.
Jazz is 11 PM.
Jazz is gloomy men slouched in chairs looking at the tunnel of night stretching before them. Jazz is when I turn off the radio and go to bed.

Jazz is not f-cking 6 PM when I want to get an update on the news of the day, and then things done.

Plus which, the news slot is replaced with 3 minutes of repetitive promos.

Yeah, I heard you the first thousand times, thanks.
Wherever music takes me?
Music takes me to playing CDs instead of listening to this new cr-p.
Thanks a lot, CBC.

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