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Friday, February 02, 2007
BG 3x13


I hate the eternal quadrangle of Apollo - Dee - Starbuck - guy whose name I forget,
and I hate the justice revenge fantasy Baltar storyline,
and I hate that they're all quite mad,
and I hate the plot pieces that don't make any sense,
so that doesn't leave much.

Didn't Helo go and kill all the Cylons to save the race from resurrection infection?
And then didn't he kill Athena, who has the infection, sending her straight to the Cylons via resurrection? I guess it "got better".

I hated the endless tedious Lancelot - Arthur - Guenever - God quadrangle in The Once and Future King and I hate the Galactica quadrangle as well.

I hate that new blogger still has the bug that old blogger had.

I hate that every leader on Galactica is taking great pleasure in torturing Baltar, and while I can appreciate that it is all an exploration of whether you can ever truly obtain satisfactory justice from someone who has wronged you deeply, I'm not an American, so I find this whole angle both horrifying and tedious.

Why do they never examine the Cylons and their technology?
Are Baltar and Gata the only ones with any science training?

This is all going to end up as some unsatisfying the-ancients-and-their-gods created both humans and Cylons philosophic test resolution, like in Babylon 5, or worse like in the X-Files and Lost. Earth will be some land of human-Cylon-God-gods hybrids. I'm sure Dr. Zee/Hera will sort it all out though.

UPDATE 2007-02-04: And another thing, they box Deanna for having a messiah complex? Meanwhile, Leoben is completely mad and thinks he sees the face of God and can predict the future, but that's just fine, no problem there.

UPDATE #2 2007-02-04: The bonus scene is "available" at

Available in quotes, because as with the BSG Webisodes, if you're not in the USA, it just says "Your video will begin playing after a brief advertisement" forever.