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Tuesday, November 01, 2011
questions about downtown mobility

This is what I asked on the Centretown Design Plan blog:
Will you be representing the Centretown Design Plan at the Downtown Moves (Mobility Overlay) events?

At Diane Holmes' Sidewalk Summit?

Is there a newer version of the Mobility Position Paper? 

What specific information has been/will be passed to the Downtown Moves (Mobility Overlay) study?  Is there more relevant material than the Mobility Position Paper (e.g. a chapter of the design plan)?

What is the impact of the fact that the Study Area for Downtown Moves only covers the CBD, and not all of Centretown?

Where is the mechanism to move ideas like fixing the arterials (by making them 2 way, and eventually by reducing the number of lanes or adding bike lanes)?
UPDATE 2011-11-03: I got a response (Ross at the Mid-Centretown Tomorrow blog has always been great with fast, detailed responses).

Hi Richard – No, Urban Strategies is not involved in the Mobility Overlay, although Delcan (who were our transportation consultants) are the folks who are actually leading the Mobility Overlay Study. Teh good news there is that they will be able to transfer all their work over from the CDP to the DOMO study, so they will be well versed in local Centretown issues. Related to that, there is an updated Mobility Position paper that will be published with the final CDP – some further work on parking, TDM, two way conversions and the implications of removing metcalfe street from the Museum of Nature lawns.
With regard to your questions around the Mobility Overlay, your best bet for answers and understanding how transportation networks might be improved and/or impact on adjacent communities is to contact Nelson Edwards at the City of Ottawa ( Nelson is the project manager and will have the most recent information on the scope and methods of the study. It was our understanding that DOMO was to look at the two way conversions as part of its scope. I hope that this is still the case. As you know, Centretown has been included as the Area of Influence….but I am not really sure what this means with regard to work being undertaken locally.
All the best

October 31, 2011  Downtown Moves - Public Lecture Program - Nov 2 & 3, 2011
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