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Saturday, July 03, 2010
in which I don't buy a netbook

Staples has the "1001PE" for $360. It has a matte screen.

Asus creates a nightmare with multiple models and submodels and close to zero information on the differences.

Anyway as best I can figure out

1001P-MU17-BK 160GB (BK is the colour, black)
1001P-PU17-BK 250GB HD

What Staples has is the

1001P-SC17-BK 250GB HD, 802.11n wireless

The SC17 is not documented online anywhere and doesn't seem to be available from any other vendors.

I think "U" indicates US keyboard and "C" indicates Canadian bilingual keyboard and ?bilingual? version of Windows.
You can for example get 1001P-MC and 1001P-PC models.

I would have been quite happy to buy one, but here's how it went down:

* I wanted to see the box for the specs since it just said "1001PE" with a bunch of claimed specs
- guy said a printout would be better... couldn't get a printout... went and found the box
- the only one left was the floor demo
* I asked for a discount for the floor demo
- under no situation will Staples give a discount for a demo
* I asked if they could send a new one from another branch to the store
- manager was consulted, phone calls were made...
- under no situation will Staples ship between stores in a city

They (the salesguy and manager) didn't recommend any alternative solutions or other models/brands of netbooks... they all just basically wandered away.

So... no sale. Good thing their staff time is free. Certainly wouldn't have just been easier to give me a discount and actually get the sale.

UPDATE: Samsung also makes matte screen netbooks, including the "rugged" NB30 (which comes in black or blue) and the "stylish" N220. Both models support 802.11n