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Sunday, June 20, 2010
Linksys WUSB 600N 802.11n USB stick

HP a6530f, back panel USB port

Rogers SpeedCheck
5.37 Mbps down / 513 kbps up
5.47 Mbps down / 513 kbps up

5.70 Mbps down / 513 kbps up (new location, 802.11g bridge powered down)
6.21 Mbps down / 375 kbps up (new location hanging off of top of monitor)
6.15 Mbps down / 508 kbps up

I'm paying for 10 Mbps down / 512 Kbps up, but the slow download speed is a network issue on the Windows Vista PC.

The Mac mini gets e.g. 9.82 Mbps down / 507 kbps up from Rogers SpeedCheck.

UPDATE 2010-06-23:
Latency may be too high for sustained gaming.

Having weird speed issues but they may be out beyond my connection. iPhone 4 + iOS 4 I expect is keeping the Internet pretty busy.

Rogers Speedcheck:
9.31 Mbps down / 513 kbps up
8.75 Mbps down / 511 kbps up
9.62 Mbps down / 510 kbps up

The thing is when you're in an apartment tower where almost everyone has a wifi bubble of their own, plus other wireless devices, plus microwaves and other electronic noise-generating equipment, it's basically a giant ongoing spectrum fight. They really should do apartment-wide co-op wifi, so that our individual WAPs and devices with all their different settings wouldn't all be fighting with one another.