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Monday, June 14, 2010
digital economy consultation

Toronto Star - Opening up Canada’s digital economy strategy - by Michael Geist - June 14, 2010

I have listed the six areas that Geist has identified, with matching ideas where I am aware of them.

UPDATE 2010-06-16: Michael Geist has included the links below in his website version of the article - Opening Up Canada's Digital Economy Strategy

Please note: I am participating in the Digital Economy Consultation as
an individual private citizen, in accordance with the Frequently Asked Questions
guidance “Who can participate in these consultations?”

I am not advocating for or against any of these positions, I'm just making you aware of the ideas that have been posted. It's your choice to vote them up or down or to comment on them.

Geist's List with matching ideas:

1 the adoption of open licences to government content to make it more readily usable and accessible ... an open access approach to government data

Idea: improved access to publicly-funded data (I submitted this idea)
Idea: Open Access to Canada’s Public Sector Information and Data

2 open access to publicly-funded research

Idea: Open Access to Canadian research

3 enhance support for open source software

Idea: Government Use and Participation in Open Source

4 network open access requirements mandating certain openness standards in the use of the spectrum

5 open spectrum that reserves some of the spectrum scheduled for auction for unlicensed uses

6 an open investment policy that tears down some of the barriers to foreign participation in the Canadian digital marketplace

Note: The consultation ends JULY 9, 2010.