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Saturday, February 06, 2010
Caprica sucks

While I'm in a TV mode.
Tried the Caprica pilot. meh.

The inevitable issues list:
* Greco-Roman polytheistic religions don't have the concept of personal redemption through good acts. You can make sacrifices to the gods, but it's basically up to their whims whether they listen or not. Thus the head of the Athenian girls-and-one-boy school would never have said "love your enemies", the Romans had no such concept and it would have been alien for anyone to articulate it, it would have been a huge red flag for the inspector guy. Athena is a fricking huntress. "Slay your prey" would be a more accurate belief statement.
* I don't like ANY of these nearly-almost setups:
** the "Christian girls school" that is the Athenian academy thing
** the "Sicilian crime mob" that is the Halaa from Tauren
** the "discrimination against black people" that is the discrimination against the Tauren
** the one god monotheism that is way too soon and too obvious
** the "look it's Baltar without the sleeping around" of Greystone and his house on the water and his genius inventing of everything
** the "sort of FBI guy" that is the investigating terrorism guy
* I don't like it's all teens. Who cares about teens? Teens have a single North American narrative: weak confused rebel s3x drinking angry clueless blah blah blah.
- That TV show has been made a bazillion times.
- "birth control!" - this is her big finish in insulting her parents? seriously? in a Greco-Roman society? Greco-Romans could give a f*ck about t33ns using birth control. proper (that is, socially appropriate that brings status advancement) marriage is important to G-R society. What you do with your hoo-hah, not so much.
* I don't like that their tech is more advanced than we see on the Pegasus
* I don't like that Joseph Adama is a crook

It's also pretty clear how the whole retcon goes.


Angry teen robot girl turns all her dad's killer robots into monotheistic terrorists and gets her revenge on the adults for... well, being adults. Adama something redemption something discrimination something opposing Greystone and loses. The end. That's the entire plot arc.

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