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Monday, January 11, 2010
review of Innate MC2 storage container

I just sent this review to the site

Although Innate is a Canadian company, this container is Made in China (and is clearly labelled as such).

I got this because I was looking for a non-plastic container.

For camping: Relatively lightweight. No information on manufacturer's website on whether you could safely heat the stainless steel bottom over a fire. Microwavability of silicone cover probably not relevant.

For daily use (e.g. lunch container): It's a great size for a sandwich container. However there are quite a few downsides compared to e.g. a Pyrex glass container: 1) you can't see what's inside 2) they recommend you hand-wash the MC2 3) unknown freezer safety - stainless steel may contract, losing seal 4) unknown stovetop / oven safety for stainless steel bottom 5) can't microwave stainless steel bottom 6) silicone top only good for microwaving solids/semi-solids, they say it's not rigid enough to handle liquids

As a food storage container: The main practical use is only as transport, while using some other oven/microwave safe bowl or plate at your destination. That's a bit of a hassle.
I'm not saying I don't like this container - it's fine for storing leftovers in the fridge, or for transporting sandwiches or other things you don't need to cook. I actually have two of these stylish containers. But I do find glass containers to have a wider range of practical uses, particularly the standard fridge - microwave - dishwasher cycle.

For "I would recommend this product to a friend" - if they were just transporting or storing food a lot, yes. If they're looking for a non-plastic container for lunches, a traditional lunchbox or glass containers are better options.

Pros: Lightweight
Cons: Complicated

* MEC: Innate MC2 Container 1.1L
* Innate: MC2 Container