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Friday, March 27, 2009
BSG: Two questions for Ron Moore

Who knows, it's the Internet age, sometimes people do respond.

Dear Mr. Moore,

I profoundly respect the transformational influence you've had on science fiction, bringing us a show with complex characters that showed much of the potential for telling adult stories in this medium. I and my friends greatly enjoyed most of the series, in particular I think "33" was one of the most amazing episodes to start a series ever.

I accept that as the show creator and writer it's your right to decide on the ending.

That being said, there are two questions about the ending I have:

1) Given that you are associated with the term Naturalistic Science Fiction [a] and are reported to have said "We believe that bringing realism to science fiction is neither contradictory nor a fool's errand"[b], how do you reconcile this with what many fans consider a supernatural, deus ex machina ending?

2) I'd like to understand how you imagined the colonists' lives on Earth after the last scene with Adama and Roslin. Do they all go off and live happy, healthy lives as farmers, hunters, and gatherers, eventually interbreeding with the natives?

Thank you.


[a] Naturalistic Science Fiction -

[b] "Introduction to Battlestar Galactica", February 24, 2003 -

I'm planning to post this to "Ron Posts" on the SciFi forums.

UPDATE: Posted.