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Sunday, March 29, 2009
BSG: scifiwire

If you want to see the range of reactions to the BSG finale, check out
The best (and worst) online comments about the Battlestar Galactica finale
(Really what they mean is the most positive and least positive comments, but whatever.)

I personally am amazed that so many critics wrapped up with a positive reaction, but I suppose it's hard for them to praise the show and then dislike the ending.

What I said on FriendFeed is

gives a good impression of the range of reactions, although you don't get a sense of what percentage of each reaction (good, bad, medium) is representative. I'm guessing something like 60% good, 20% bad, 20% medium is the overall reaction spectrum. (I'm in the bad camp, myself.)

Since I always like my perspective to be heard, I tried to post a message to scifiwire and got the following intriguing result

Your comment submission failed for the following reasons:

Text entered was wrong. Try again.

Which I thought was some AI dissing my comments but turned out to be some issue with the CAPTCHA.

Here's what I wrote:

For heaven's sake, it's ridiculous to descend into ad hominem arguments where those who liked the finale tell those who disliked it they are "incorrect". Everyone has a right to react the way they react. It's hilarious that a show whose lesson was supposed to be "we're all flawed individuals worthy of consideration" ends with fans lining up on either side telling one another they're not worthy. If you loved "God did it" and think it's a brilliant ending that was obvious from the start and beyond compare, then good for you. Glad you liked it. I personally thought it was a jarring change of genres from science fiction to religious fiction. My further thoughts on that aspect are at