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Tuesday, March 24, 2009
BSG: in which I find my people

I am eccentric in many ways. I *HATE* spoilers. I love to be surprised. I invest a great deal of energy in avoiding spoilers. I also believe shows should stand on their own merits alone. Anything external to the show (actor interviews, writer podcasts) I consider non-canon, and also actively avoid. As far as I'm concerned, the TV is showing me live video from an alternate reality (I'm not crazy, I don't think that's actual, but that's how I think of it). For all of these reasons I have been avoiding BSG blogs.

Now that the show is over, however, I've been trying to find people with a similar perspective, to see whether my dislike of the ending is just me, or whether others are finding the same flaws I see.

In the general review-o-sphere, comment-o-sphere, and twitter-o-sphere it looks to me to be running something like 60% for, 10% for except hate the New York coda, and 30% against the finale.

I was therefore very pleased to find the Brad Ideas Battlestar Galactica Analysis Blog, which takes a deeply analytical approach to BSG similar to the theories that I was working out in Zak Adama is a Cylon, and the issues with the finale that I have continued to work out here in Manifesto Multilinko's battlestar galactica category.

I should also mention, for those of you who are reading the blog through a feed or some other source, that in the sidebar of my blog I have bookmarks, including I am currently tracking reviews that I find interesting or relevant (from the serious analysis perspective) under my BlinkList battlestar galactica tag.