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Thursday, July 17, 2008
my new glasses are not compatible with my computers

So woman said, progressive lenses, blah blah, distance at top, intermediate area for computer screen in lower middle, distortion on side, reading area at bottom.

I didn't pay much attention to this.

But here's the thing.
Maybe this works if your computer monitor is some tiny little 15" thing flickering in the center of your vision.
But my computer monitor(s) are huge. They fill like 75% of the center field of my vision. There is no little screen I"m focusing on, the entire field of view is the screen.

This may be is a problem.
For example, you know the status bar on the bottom of the Firefox window, that shows you e.g. the URLs of links as you browse over them? The status bar that should be PERFECTLY IN FOCUS? Well it isn't, because it falls in the reading area of my glasses.

I'm going back to my old glasses for using my computer.

The frames are

R 4643 C 140 CE
* 53 [] 18

Here's an image I have err, borrowed from the net.

They have an exciting logo feature, which is a little metal tab with the logo attached to the very end of the left ear piece bar thing. This metal tab scratches my left ear every time I take my glasses off. Thanks for branding my ear, Rodenstock.