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Sunday, July 27, 2008
Dark Knight IMAX

I'm just back from Dark Knight IMAX.
First things first: go early. I thought I was golden going at 2:30 for the 3:30 show and when I got to the ticket checker just in front of the regular entrance to theatre 8 (IMAX) at Silver City, she told me the line was outside (as in, outside the building) - I went outside (the opposite site from the main entrance) and discovered a lineup of at least 100 - 150 people.

You can get tickets online at with no service charge, I don't think you have to exchange your printout or anything, you can print scannable tickets at home (I saw people getting in with printouts anyway, although online it says "Please remember that you will need to present your printed ticket at any automated ticketing kiosk or the box office, in order to retrieve your tickets.")

The movie itself is good, definitely not for kids.
I found it drifted a bit in the middle (it's 2.5 hours long) but it ended strongly, which is an improvement over most movies.

I was pretty sceptical of this whole Heath Ledger Joker thing but he really does a great job of playing a terrifying psycho, and he has good plot and dialogue material to work with.

Whatshername scientologist woman isn't Rachael anymore, it's some other woman.

Definitely worth seeing, and it was cool in IMAX.

Photos of lineup to follow.

UPDATE 2008-07-28: The lineup


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