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Wednesday, June 04, 2008
Galactica 4x07, 4x08


They are in a tough place, trying to wrap up a story that is ending on more metaphysics than hard SF. Galostica.

Some lameness with the red shirt girl - look it's a Raptor with Athena, Sam, Starbuck, and... woman you've never seen before. Any bets on how long she lives... yeah, about 10 minutes.

Everyone is losing it.
Cylons killing Cylons, Cylon babies, plus everyone is the throes of various delusions.

Just check it out, people having delusions, visions, prophecies or otherwise deranged:
- XO Tigh
- Starbuck
- Six
- Athena
- Leoben
- Hybrid
- President Roslyn
- Hera
- Kira Nerys (the dying woman - ok technically Nana Visitor) - yeah it took me almost the entire episode to parse out her identity - I was like... hmm... she seems familiar... that voice...
- Baltar

All of 4x08 seemed lame, particularly the badly written and cat-heavy subplot about President Adama.

It seems like they're trying to position everyone in the right places for cool stuff to happen, but they don't quite know how to get them all there.


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