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Sunday, June 15, 2008
Bourne 1 & 2

Bourne Identity is very good. I particularly like the scenes in Paris, they really use the city well, plus which I was also on top of La Samaritaine, just like Bourne.


[La Samaritaine]


I think it's closed now.

I also liked that they closed the story off at the end of Bourne Identity.

Bourne Supremacy was good for about the first 3/4 and then it started to fall apart.
The car chase was way too long and not particularly interesting.
I did like seeing Berlin though, I want to go to Berlin.

They were both iTunes movie rentals, no problems, although unfortunately they are both wider than 16:9, so even on my widescreen LCD TV I only got a strip in the middle. Probably would have been better on the projector, I'm going to try movies from the laptop to the projector next.

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