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Monday, April 21, 2008
Kara's destiny

I was pondering the words of the First Hybrid
Kara Thrace "will lead the human race to its end. She is the herald of the apocalypse. The harbinger of death."

And it occurred to me that maybe it's all backward.
The assumption would be, she leads the fleet and the Cylons to earth, and the fleet and earth is destroyed.

Now Earth is a big challenge.
Is it 2008 Earth?
1980s Earth?
Alternate Galactica-universe Earth?

Is Galen's baby (Nicholas) Dr. Zee?

One way to handle Earth is by having it... post-apocalypse. Either no one left, or only a tiny number of people. (A tiny number of people with enough tech to reassemble Kara and her ship.)

So maybe Kara is leading the fleet to see what happens in a world with ONLY humans... which is that they kill themselves off in an apocalypse anyway.

And maybe having discovered that there is no Promised Land for either humans or Cylons, they all give up and live together in peace.

Another possibility is that Earth is full of monotheistic nutters, and EARTH nukes the heretic, unwanted fleet, and makes nice with the Cylons.

So here are the possible scenarios I see
- 2008 Earth
- Earth full of some monothestic advanced 13th tribe descendants
- Earth gets nuked by Cylons
- Earth nukes the humans
- Earth is already centuries or millienia into the recovery after a total apocalypse

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