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Saturday, April 05, 2008
The Big Bang Theory proves I am living in The Matrix

So I watched The Big Bang Theory 2-10 on the plane (episode one wouldn't play properly, unfortunately).

This is a good show.
However, it is a show whose demographic has got to be vanishingly narrow.
The delta function of demographics, if you will.
So narrow, in fact, that I'm not convinced the demographic is larger than me.
Just me, that's all.
Now, for this incredible narrowcast to be on a mainstream US network can lead to one and only one logical conclusion: I am living in the Matrix, and the content of reality is being continuously reformatted for my sole entertainment.

See my June 1, 2003 posting about the The Computational Requirements for the Matrix for important information about how to tell if you're the centre of a digital universe and if so, how to behave.

I suppose I should write a review, err, for my consumption:

The Big Bang is well, bang-on in its depiction of physics geeks, and their combination of intelligence, cluelessness, and obsessions. As I mentioned in my twitter or somewhere or possibly just in my head, it's a show that not only had a joke about string theory, but a pretty good one at that.

The argument about Terminator: Sarah Connor was note-perfect. The show is genius at depicting that kind of interaction.

Seriously, has cable and the Internet so fragmented the audience that a show about physics geeks can actually survive?

Either that, or I've suddenly become cool (unlikely) or (depressingly) mainstream.

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