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Thursday, March 13, 2008
SE cameraphone contest for Canadians

I would paste in the contest info but it's all in Flash so I can't.

- open to Canadian residents only
- pictures from camera phones only (any model or brand, as far as I can tell)
- 9 semifinalists will each win an SE K850i
- grand prize winner also gets $10k "Picture Perfect Dream Vacation"
- upload as many photos as you want, as long as you don't put a photo in more than one category
- I think it can be any cameraphone photo you've ever taken, I don't think you have to take it during the contest period (based on my quick read of the rules)

Deadline is 11:59:59 EDT MARCH 23, 2008.

Via Flickr Sony Ericsson - Picture Phones group.

Now, can I get Flickr and my photo software to display only pictures from my cameraphones? Hmmm...

UPDATE: Oh bonus, according to Flickr, my Nokia N82 cameraphone doesn't exist


If they do believe your cameraphone exists, you can do e.g.

And in case you're wondering, yes, I try changing the URL with n82 instead of n75, but it just ignores it.

More bad news: it can find some of the photos from my SE K790a

and by "some", I mean "three". I have taken lots more than 3.
You might think I could search on photos with DSC*, since my SE is the only one of my cameras that uses DSC* filenames, except that also doesn't work. Apparently it only does an exact match.

"You don't have any photos matching dsc."

I should at least be able to use the DSC* approach in Picasa. I'll see what else I can come up with in Picasa, since Flickr is hopeless.

UPDATE 2008-03-15: In post title content -> contest.

UPDATE 2008-03-15: In case you're wondering, although I've taken about 1800 photos with my SE K790 and about 50 with my Nokia N82, my chances of winning are almost nil, as the categories couldn't be better designed to exclude my photography:

  • Action & Adventure (motion)

  • Fun & Games (sports)

  • Everyday Moments (people hanging out, cats and dogs)

Whereas my main photography categories are something like:
* landscapes (ideally without people)
* cityscapes (ideally without people)
* sunrises and sunsets (ideally without people)
* still life and static scenes
* unusual stuff I saw while walking around

I almost never take pictures of motion, sports, humans, or ordinary events.

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