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Thursday, January 10, 2008
Stardust (the movie)

Competently done but not a patch on the book.

Plus which please stop having Ian McKellen do voices. He's f-ing Gandalf.
If he wants to ACT, then fine, but if it's just voice as in Golden Compass and Stardust, it is very distracting.

Not sure why Clare Danes did the English accent, it sounded fine enough but I'm not English. She looked ok, but she needs to be careful. She looked totally anorexic on The Daily Show.

Plus which, a week? So he masters sword fighting in what, two days?

Plus which I didn't really buy the relationship, she's supposed to have a lot more antipathy towards him at the start.

But overall it was fine.

Well, the gay pirate was a bit over the top.

IMDB: Stardust

Oh and I don't see the point of ending a song-less period fantasy piece with a modern song over the titles. It don't fit.

In one scene Tristan's nemesis (Humprey) looks so much like the guy from Princess Bride (Wesley) that I thought he was the guy from Princess Bride (ok, I didn't know that was made 20 years ago... I'm just saying, they looked very similar).

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