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Sunday, January 20, 2008
my chemical life - vitameataregimen - i am vitamin enriched

Part of this essential breakfast:

Centrum Forte
= Vitamin C 90mg
= Vitamin D 400 IU (new formulation has 600 IU?)
= Calcium 175mg (I don't know if this is elemental)
= Zinc 15mg

For my bones

Life Natural Source D
= Vitamin D 400 IU

Life Extra Strength Calcium Antacid
= Calcium 300mg elemental

For cold prevention and mitigation

Jamieson Vitamin C
= Vitamin C 500mg

Exact Zinc Lozenges
= Vitamin C 50mg
= Zinc 5mg elemental
= echinacea purpurea 12.5mg (I can't remember if this is the useful one or not)

Cold FX
= CVT-E002 200mg (no one knows that this is)