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Tuesday, January 15, 2008
MacBook Air deal-killers

No MBA for me.

- maximum 2GB RAM
- no user-replaceable battery

I run a lot of apps at once. 2 GB is not enough.
I run for a long time at conferences, usually without access to power: 5 hours and a single battery is not enough, and I'm sure it's 5 hours "theoretical".

It's kinda slow too (1.6GHz vs minimum 2.0GHz for a MacBook).

I think I will wait for a MacBook refresh. It should be due for a refresh in June.

I'm not really in the target market - the MB Air is a total roadwarrior laptop.
I use my laptop mostly as a desktop replacement, with occasional trips to conferences.

It's actually even worse than I thought, Macintouch says "it lacks an Ethernet, FireWire or an Express/34 slot, and its battery is not user-replaceable, nor is its memory expandable."

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