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Sunday, December 23, 2007
fave photos of 2007

Flickr is looking at 2007 faves.
It was really hard to choose which dimension
- favourite picture?
- technically best?
- best looking?
- hardest get?

I picked my favourite as the single one for the Flickr thread, but since I control the horizontal and the vertical in my blog, I get to show them all

Favourite picture:


Technically best - I don't have one, I don't know anything about photo technique.

Best looking - probably:


Hardest get - I have been waiting for years to have the combination of the right conditions and actually having a camera at the right time:


I know it doesn't look like much, but those tiles aren't white, they're actually like a gritty jumbled grey-brown concrete. The reason they look white is they're covered with a perfect layer of snow that has fallen in just such as way that it has covered the tops, but fallen into the cracks between them.

All images Copyright © 2007 Richard Akerman

You can see all my self-faves at
(it actually took me a ridiculously long time to think of using a tag - I kept thinking "I wish I could favourite my own photos").

It was still quite a pain to do this, since Flickr has no slideshow-by-date or archives slideshow.