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Tuesday, November 13, 2007
giant digital picture frame

You know, I often don't think very much about stuff I buy online, to whit: I saw 15" digital picture frame and I was like, ooh nice. Without considering how big 15" actually is...


"holy giant ThinkGeek box" was my reaction

It's from Goodview (Chinese of course)


It's not bad



but there are two or three pixels in a cluster stuck on red

This pixel problem is tolerable for distance viewing for a fairly "busy" picture, but (once you know it's there) it's quite noticeable up-close or in a darker/night photo. I guess as usual you get what you pay for.

Also if you have a CF card as you can see it sticks visibly out the side, bit of bad design there. (In case you're wondering, the grey thing behind it is the central speaker for my 5.1 surround sound.)

Still it's cool and a lot bigger than you usually get for the price.


(More linkage coming once I see if my ThinkGeek affiliate code is set up properly.)

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