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Thursday, November 15, 2007
Gemma are incompetent bastards, and so are their customers

If you're using Gemma Communications, this is what you're getting: not only are they annoying telemarketers, they're incompetent annoying telemarketers. In the unlikely event they ever get through, any customers they reach will hate whatever it is you're trying to push at them (assuming what they're pushing is even legal).

They have ridiculously aggressive dialing machines, by which I mean, they dial far more numbers more often than they have staff for.

So it goes something like:

RING "Hello?..." no answer... hang up
RING "Hello?..." no answer...


That's not telemarketing. That's harassment.
These people should go to jail.

This has been happening across Canada for at least THE PAST SIX YEARS.

So not only do I blame Gemma, and every idiot who hires Gemma, I also blame the useless government, which is busily NOT implementing the already-passed Canadian DO NOT CALL list, and which does not prevent or make illegal telemarketing to my cellphone.

You all fucking suck.

Plus which, unlike my Nokia, my Sony won't let me blacklist phone numbers, even though that is a trivial function.

I used to maintain a list at

but I haven't updated it in a while (err plus which I no longer have access to that account).

Gemma is calling me lately from
8003943135 and 8003958813 and 8003919421 and 8003958813.

As a bonus someone who may or may not be Gemma is calling me from 6132327437

Dear all you fuckwads: if I don't recognize the number, I don't pick up. EVER. So fuck off and go away. Anyone real will just leave me a voicemail.

Dear stupid people who answer the phone and talk to these idiots: Stop doing that.

I hate the telemarketer people even more than the spammers, which is quite an accomplishment for them.

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