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Saturday, November 17, 2007
doing the Air Canada Tango

Air Canada Tango and Tango Plus are non-refundable fares.

If you think you can get around that by upgrading from a Tango to a Latitude fare afterwards (since Latitude fares ARE refundable), it won't work. Although it doesn't say it anywhere on the website that I could see, they consider Tango-upgraded-to-Latitude to still be a base Tango ticket, and they won't refund it.

In case you're wondering, I wasn't really paying attention when I was booking Tango Plus, and I ended up paying way too much for a flight that I am now, apparently, stuck with (I can play around with the dates and times, but I can't cancel the ticket). (In the unlikely event you're wondering why I booked Tango Plus at all, instead of Westjet or whatever, it's because I am obsessed with getting Teh Prestige.)

They will also cheerfully royally screw you on airfare changes: if you move from a higher airfare to a lower one, you'll get no refund, but if you try to move back to the higher airfare, they'll charge you AGAIN to "move up".