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Sunday, November 04, 2007
carbon offset for PHL

Tried to buy carbon offset for YOW - YYZ - PHL through partner but there was a minor and a major problem, and a question.

The minor problem is the form is slow, so you have to type YOW... wait... select Ottawa airport, type YYZ, wait... etc.

The major problem is that after it goes and calculates it all

0.49 Tonnes

Cost (Gold Standard):
$16.66 CAD

with tax $18.98 CAD

PayPal then gives "page not found", which is not a big confidence builder.

The question is that it's unclear what if any advantage there is to buying through planetair, versus just buying direct from MyClimate.

Anyway with planetair broken I bought from anyway

flight from: Ottawa, ON [Macdonald-Cartier International Airport], Canada, YOW
flight to: Philadelphia, PA [Philadelphia International Airport], USA, PHL
flight via: Toronto, ON [Lester B. Pearson International Airport], Canada, YYZ
return, economy
flight distance: 1'845 km
flight passengers: 1

CO2 Emissions: 0,511 t

Total costs for compensation of your flight: SFr. 20.00

According to Google

20 Swiss francs = 16.3543582 Canadian dollars

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