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Monday, August 06, 2007
Toronto the not so good

Conversation I imagined having with the taxi driver at Toronto airport:

me: "sorry, I forgot to write down the hotel address, but it's the Four Points Sheraton near the airport, not the one at Terminal 3"

taxi driver: "no problem sir, I will contact dispatching to get the address and then we will be on our way"

Actual conversation I had with him:

me: (see above, more or less)

taxi driver: "you don't know the address, get out of my cab"

There's some charming customer service for you.

In case you're wondering why I didn't know the address, I made the reservation in the middle of the airport, after my flight was delayed, and due to a combination of conference exhaustion, lack of a printer, and inattention, I neglected to write it down, and I just had enough time after making the reservation to do a bit of blog stuff and then board the plane.

And also in case you're wondering, I didn't get out of his taxi, I very reasonably called Sheraton on my cell, which took all of 1 minute to get me the address, with him (I am not making this up) complaining at me every 10 seconds about still being in his car without an address, which was for a hotel all of 3 minutes away. Which epic voyage he charged me $16 for. And yes, I tipped him $4, giving him $20, and said thank you. Rather than not tipping him and telling him he was a total asshole, which is what he deserved.

Oh, and I should add that all of this happened at 12:30 AM in the morning, a charming midnight hour, after a 5 hour flight from San Francisco.

Welcome to Toronto!