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Wednesday, May 30, 2007
the weather in the end times

Russia hot, Europe cold: doom abounds.

MOSCOW, May 29 (Prime-Tass) -- A heat wave has hit Russia in recent days, with the temperature breaking records.

Monday was the hottest day in May in Moscow since records began to be kept 120 years ago, with the temperature hitting 32.2 degrees Celsius, the Moscow Meteorological Bureau reported.

The hot weather caused fires at 14 electric power substations in Moscow.

PRIME-TASS - Heat wave hits Russia, with temperatures breaking records

In Spitzing in Germany, locals have been forced to wrap up after ten centimetres of snow brought out the snowploughs for the first time this year.

Daily Mail - If you thought our weekend was bad look at the weather across the water... - May 29, 2007

Heavy storms, landslides, flash floods and lightning have left at least 23 people dead across Europe.

RTE News - Adverse European weather leaves 23 dead - May 28, 2007