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Sunday, May 27, 2007
the good dahlia

I thought The Black Dahlia would be an interesting noir-ish mystery, but instead, while it has nice set decoration, it is long and boring and complicated. It goes on and on and on... and quite frankly at some point (after the world's least-secret 1esbian nightclub, which was much more boring than it sounds) I gave up.

Didn't finish watching.

Not recommended.

In the trend of long, dull movies, you can add The Good Shepherd. While I'm sure it is accurate that bland, cold men from Yale went about attempting to construct a world order with mixed and often disastrous results, I'm not sure I have to watch it unroll hour after hour.

Watch The Quiet American instead.

PS Super-smart spy guys, here's a hint: if a woman wants to sleep with you, she is a always a spy and the room is bugged. You might not want to tell her, say, all of your top secrets.

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