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Saturday, May 19, 2007
digital photo frames and photo news

VisionQuest is advertising a 7" frame in Toronto Star Week for Can$130 which is a pretty low price as these things go.

The web site doesn't say what the resolution is, and it's not clear to me where you can buy them.

Henry's has also been running ads advertising the IQ frame, it's 8" for C$190 (the Henry's link may not work, it's not a good site for permalinks). Lots of other Canadian retailers have the same product

Assuming it's the same model, Best Buy Canada has it for C$250 and

has it for C$200, and gives the resolution as 640x480

The new Kodak 10" frame is $400 from Best Buy Canada.

As always, I will eventually get around to updating my permanent page on digital picture frames.

In other news, based on what I see in the store window, the Henry's competitor is buying (or at least partnering with) Ottawa downtown camera store Ginn (Henry's bought a store a few blocks down that used to be called Focus).