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Monday, April 16, 2007
the worst blah blah blah in the history of ever

Ok, I'll grant you, 1 person dead or 33, it's a tragedy.

A suicide shooter downs innocent citizens.
Unprecedented. Worst ever. A horror.

Hmm, has that ever happened to anyone else, ever?
Let's see

Gunmen killed the Shiite dean of Baghdad University's school of administration and economics on Thursday - the 155th Iraqi academic murdered in sectarian violence and revenge attacks since the 2003 U.S. invasion. - Gunmen murder dean of economics school at Baghdad University - November 03, 2006

A suicide bomber and a car bomb killed at least 70 people and wounded 170 more at entrances to a once-prestigious university in Baghdad. - Deaths top 100 in Baghdad bombings, shootings - January 17, 2007

A suicide bomber killed at least 41 people and wounded another 46 outside a university in northeast Baghdad on Sunday. - Suicide bomber kills 41 outside Baghdad university - February 25, 2007

So just to make it clear:

dead Americans = inconceivable tragedy
dead Iraqis = just another day