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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Facility Charge CA $2.50 x 2
Convenience Charge CA $9.25 x 2
Delivery (TicketFast® email Delivery) CA $2.50
Order Processing Fee CA $3.50

How is this not illegal?
I mean seriously.
I want to charge them a $20 "TicketMaster makes me angry special facility convenience printout fee".

For the convenience of ME choosing tickets and printing them out on MY printer, I have to pay them?


Did I mention that the tickets feature full-page ads for some Sears card thing?

So just to review:
In order to have the great honour of printing a tiny ticket stub on my own printer, I have to pay them, PLUS I get to print their unnecessary full-page ad, which is part of the ticket printout. An ad, I might add, which is basically for a department store credit card that probably charges 30% interest, which should ALSO be illegal.